Learn How To Sing Now- My Honest Opinion

Hey Tyrone here,

Thanks for checking out my blog. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a comprehensive review of the” Learn How To Sing Now”online course which is indeed a great work on transforming your singing by Aaron Anastasi that focuses on helping you train and strengthen the muscles in your voice and learn how to sing better.

First and foremost, let me just clarify that I will be giving you an Unrestricted, Unbiased, Honest and Sincere review of “Learn How To Sing Now” online course. What you are about to read are the ESSENTIAL MUST KNOW details before grabbing the program.

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What I like (GOOD) about the “Learn How To Sing Now” online course ?

  1. It gives you a step-by-step instruction on how you can maximize the use of your voice and learn how to sing better.
  2. High Definition videos and audio files can be downloaded to your system, iPOD, etc
  3. The 4 free bonus are really helpful.
  4. You can ask Aaron any questions and get guidance from him from the members area.
  5. The member’s area is a cool place to visit, well organised and easy to access.

What I didn’t like (BAD) about the “Learn How To Sing Now” online course?

It requires high commitment, but if you are serious, this should not be an issue, nor would this be an issue, if you want to know the correct methods for you to guide your children on the right track of Singing as in my case.

There is an introductory video which I felt is little dragging and boring and the critical info to decide to go with this program come at the end, hence felt many may consider this to be another singing program scam and drop it.

Overall, what do I think ?

I think this program is worth the investment, be it your money or time. The step-by-step approach to improve the singing voice is simple to understand and practice. It is equally helpful for a beginner, or aspiring singers or professional singers or parents of aspiring singers like me to learn how to sing better. It is worth a purchase to set up a base to get the maximum of the one on one personal voice training spending huge amounts of time. If you strongly feel one on one can never be substituted by such a virtual program. I am sure you will change your mind once you use this program. I think this is the best program to learn how to sing better, effective singing tips and voice exercises. It is not a scam, enjoy the singing exercises :)

Hope my webpage has helped you. All the best.


What is the “Learn How To Sing Now” online course?

What is the “Learn How To Sing Now” online course all about ?  Vocal Lessons That Work

Who said that improving your vocal prowess can only be achieved through formal vocal classes? With “Learn How To Sing Now”,  you can do the same simply by watching videos straight from your personal computer. Now, you have at your disposal an easier way of resorting to the best strategies to hone your vocal skills with high quality voice lessons and singing exercises. This breakthrough teaching approach makes use of videos that contain important vocal training and voice exercises for beginners that have been meticulously researched and found to really work wonders. You just need to make sure taking these vocal lessons that you get the best of it.

What You’ll Get in the Voice Training Classes

The videos are all easy-to-understand and very informational. Even the most novice singers won’t have much trouble in understanding the lessons being taught in these vocal classes. These are probably the easiest video lessons around. The program has a lot of uncomplicated vocal/ voice exercises like range building and vocal agility regime that help improve resonators and vocal tone. There are actually more than 30 of them; so for sure, all aspects of one’s vocal needs are covered. All of these singing exercises will help you develop good vocal muscle memory. The videos will also coach you how to develop better vocal tone and pitch, so your voice will become fuller and purer.

With “Learn How To Sing Now”, you’ll be amazed only to realize that you can reach higher notes with less vocal strain, since it will also help widen your vocal range as a singer. What you previously considered as songs that are hard to sing because of having high notes, will most likely be easier to sing after undergoing the lessons. One will surely get surprised with the positive changes that will happen almost instantly. The worry, How to sing better, will be a past chapter of your life.

Why Does “Learn How To Sing Now”Work?

“Learn How To Sing Now” works because it simply has the best approach in assisting enthusiasts to learn singing. It makes use of an 8 pronged vocal training coach approach that includes vocal warm up, breath management and diaphragm breathing, mastering vocal tone, pitch exercises, training on singing with power and resonance, learning to sing higher notes, improving vocal agility, and performing advanced voice strengthening techniques.

You no longer have to embarrass yourself by getting off key. With these vocal classes, you can sing to your heart’s content with unbelievable voice control and confidence. You’ll be given a step-by-step approach to every vocal technique, singing tip and voice exercise that you need to learn.

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Pros and Cons of Online singing Lessons

Online singing lessons image 1Pros of Online Singing Lessons

Let’s look at some of the pros of online singing lessons:

  1. Learn from the best without having to be in the same city/country –If there is a technique you want to learn but you can’t find a teacher with those skills locally, then online singing lessons are a great way for you to be able to learn that particular technique.
  2. Learn at your own pace – Let’s face it, sometimes life can get in the way of being able to practice as much as we want. If you have a slack week or two, then you can come back and pick up where you left off without feeling that you are wasting your teachers time.
  3. Online singing lessons are generally be cheaper than face-to-face lessons – I know personally that face to face singing lessons can be pricey, as I have spent thousands of dollars going to different teachers to learn how to sing better and improve my voice. Generally you pay a yearly subscription or an upfront price of a few hundred dollars depending on the course, while a good teacher could charge anywhere from $60 to $150 per lesson. If you have 1 lesson a week for 48 weeks a year, that can add up to several thousand dollars.

We have explored the pros of online singing lessons, now let’s take a look at some of the cons.

Cons of Online Singing Lessons

Some of the cons of online singing lessons are:online singing lessons image 2

    1. You can fall into bad habits or develop new ones – If you don’t have face-to-face lessons where a vocal teacher or coach is monitoring your progress, it is easy to slip back into old habits or gain new ones, especially if you are learning something new. It requires strong discipline to keep pushing forward, doubly so when unlearning bad habits or incorrect technique.
    2. You can lose motivation – If you don’t have a teacher or vocal coach pushing you to improve, it can be hard to keep motivated, especially if you are learning something that is hard to do. At this point, a teacher or coach can help to keep your motivation strong and to maintain momentum.
    3. It can be hard to know if you are doing it right – If you are just learning to sing and are new, how do you know that you are doing it right? with a teacher or coach, they can demonstrate a concept and then help you to be able to execute it correctly. This can be difficult to do without a teacher present, but video tutorials are helping to close this gap.

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